We have a dream...

A Building of our own

.We want a building of our own and a business to be contained within that building to help support our cause!

In the past several years, there have been many budget cuts that affected the disabled.  If the future holds more of the same, the disabled will be left without help. We want to start now so that our members have the skills and attitudes to meet this challenge when the time arrives!

 In the summer of 2012, we joined Donor's Forum and are now actively searching for grants to make our dream a reality.

A business of our own will make it possible for us to provide employment and job training for our members and help to support our charitable organization. A building would make it possible to house members who need it, provide office space for us, a meeting place, a recreation area and a commercial kitchen for further job training and to provide meals for those who live and work there.
 It is a big dream and we are hoping you have big hearts!

Help us reach our goal!

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Come to see us at the Carson's store at the Harlem/Irving Shopping Center in Chicago September 2, 2017,    (saturday ) from noon to 2:00 P.M. at door # 1   ( 1st floor Main entrance )  When you buy a coupon book for $5.00, you have over $500.00 in savings at your favorite Carson's store  and we raise money for the occupational training of our cognitively disabled members.  Everyone benefits and we are truly grateful  to Carson's and to you!
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Vaughn & Friends Alumni Assoc.Inc.
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  You can help !....