Officers of Vaughn Alumni Association, Inc.:  President, Matthew Scott; Vice President, Angelo Poulosophos, Secretary, Megan McGraw and Treasurer, Marcy Peters.

 Board of Directors for the purpose of conducting Alumni meetings and special events:  George Nader, Vice chairman; Cathy Coughlin, Secretary; Jerrie Poulosophos, Chairman
Board of Directors  Catherine Coughlin,  Cheryl Lawson, Megan McGraw, Marcy Peters, Angelo Poulosophos, Jerrie Poulosophos,  Matthew Scott, Bonnie Woynarowski, Teressa Walker-Candelario and Bertha Peters, George Nader
Advisory Board: Matthew Scott, Angelo Poulosophos, Megan McGraw, Marcy Peters, Catherine Coughlin. George Nader and Jerrie Poulosophos


Jacqueline Vaughn Occupational High School
 As of September 20, 2008, our regular meeting place has become Vaughn High School located at 4355 N. Linder Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60641. Vaughn High School is where the idea of Vaughn & Friends was born and when we changed our name to include all CPS Special Ed. graduates and attendees, we retained the name of Vaughn for that reason.  We are still new as charitable organizations go.  It has been an uphill climb but our members have found the challenge to be rewarding.  May it always be so.

Montrose St. Side of Vaughn H.S.
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